I just watched a Star War; here are the things I don't get.

  1. Desert attire
    Why does the storm trooper take off his armor when he gets stranded in the desert? He takes off the thing that's reflecting all the sun light. Revealing an all black, long sleeved shirt and black pants. He's gonna regret that later.
  2. Is it armor?
    Now that I think about it, those storm troopers die instantly when they get hit with anything... Why bother wearing it at all?
  3. Catwalks, and workplace safety.
    Why are there so many catwalks? Also, why don't they have railings?
  4. Laser Crossbows
    Why does Chewbacca's laser gun look like a crossbow? Maybe I'm missing something here, but I seems way less convenient than a regular laser gun.
  5. Worst family feud ever.
    Planets are literally destroyed and the Galaxy has been in chaos for generations. I think all of that could have been avoided if the Skywalker's just got a long. Anakin started it by turning bad. So his wife, Padme, starts fighting him. Then their son, Luke, fights Vader. Things cooled off for a bit. Now, Luke's daughter seems to be fighting with Leia's son in this movie. Drama!