1. Wall mount for snowboards
    In modern times it's tough to find useful things to print. (Begin transatlantic accent) However, in the 🤖Future!!!🚀 every home will have a 3d printer. Yes, in the house of tomorrow, you'll 3d all your daily needs. Uh oh Johnny, did you just spill space mustard on your tie? Better 3d print a new one before your big job interview.
  2. A Vase with some lights below it.
    It looks cool
  3. Ironman hand
    That took a few hours to print, but forever to sand and finish.
  4. Things for other people
    I like the the reactions people have to them (even though they have the quality of a vending machine toy.) Also, snails eyes came out exceptionally well. #just3dprinterthings
  5. Reindeer footprint stamp
    I gave them to all my friends with kids. We really fooled those kids that Christmas.
  6. Tiny NES
    Needs no explanation