Thoughts of a Fur Seal When It Realises That Rock Moves.

I just swam in cold water. I come out to sleep and enjoy sunshine. But then I see this rock move and it keep getting bigger...
  1. Mmm sun on my back. I like it. Especially after cold swim in ocean.
  2. I tan my right flipper. (raises right flipper in the air)
  3. Song by Art vs Science playing in my head: Hey! Ho! Use your flippers to get down! Not really about raising flippers but who cares. I'm a seal.
  4. (Distant pup noises)
  5. Young ones fighting again. Good. They will battle to fight for territory to make babies soon.
  6. Change position!
  7. Hmm? I just see something moving behind that huge rock?
  8. Maybe just me. I go back to sleep but I check again later.
  9. I check rock again. Rock doesn't move. It was me. A silly seal.
  10. I open my eyes. Oh I never noticed this new rock before. Funny shape. I sleep.
  11. I open my eyes. Huh? Rock just moved! I think.
  12. Anyone else saw that? No? Everyone still sleeping. Hmm I suspect.
  13. I better sit up. I see danger, I run.
  14. I sleep with half opened eyes. It's like I'm sleeping but still alert. I am master at multitasking.
  15. Rock is moving!
  16. Everyone you see this?!
  17. Baby wants more milk.
  20. Rock is HUMANNNNNNNNN!!!
  21. Fuck that! Bye!
  22. Seal cannonball!