Inspired by @jenward and obviously the one and only @boygirlparty ... One of my best friends, god mother to my babe, and the person who got me to join this app. She's the best! Support her! https://www.etsy.com/shop/boygirlparty
  1. Rabbit notepad
  2. Campfire owls note card as wall art
  3. Ocean scene in my son's room
  4. What will hatch board book
  5. What will hatch hardback
  6. Original mini painting
  7. Owl notebook
  8. Rabbit ring
  9. Cat pin
    That I think Clark shoplifted from the last pop up shop
  10. Shirt from a special event in LA 2012
  11. Camping shirt
  12. Husbands shirt from special event in LA 2012
  13. Many baby onesies that are sadly too small now and in storage so no pictures 😭
  14. Rabbit pocket mirror that is buried in my purse somewhere (first gift Susie ever gave me when we first became friends)
  15. Hand sewn and painted plushie
  16. Dino pin
  17. Book plates (trying to find them so I can take a pic!)
  18. Card from Susie herself
  19. Illustration postcard