1. Salvation Mountain
    This place is pretty magical. So colorful + happy + odd. Loved learning all about Leonard (the creator, RIP). I once gathered a groups of friends and rented a mini van to take a day trip there.
  2. Julian
    We love taking a day trip out to this little mountain town. Apple picking! Apple cider! PIE! (Even gluten free pie), an old fashioned candy shop, a rad cemetery, an awesome tea shop. An even cooler used book store! Go explore!
  3. Palm Springs
    Mic century modern eye candy galore, hot hot hot summer temps, great pools and hotels! Love this place
  4. Balboa Park
    San Diego favorite. Home of the world famous zoo. Lots and lots of museums, green space, fountains, food! (Panama 66 is our fave)
  5. Seagrove Park/ Powerhouse park/ 15th street in Del Mar
    This is my hometown spot, I grew up going to the beach and park here and have great memories. My husband and I used to have lots of picnics at this park when we were first dating and then he proposed there. We also got married at the park in a cliff overlooking the ocean.
  6. Camping!
    So many great spots. We love Leo Carrillo in Malibu, cuyamaca mountains, mt. Laguna, etc! This is a pic of my family camping because it's the only camping related pic I have readily available on my phone.... From our last camping adventure in October