An adventure in tie dye! ... I'm hosting a bridal shower in two weeks and decided that I'd hand dye cotton napkins ... So fun. But my fingers are sore from rubber bands and blue from dye 😂😂😂
  1. Wrapping up he napkins with different techniques. Toward the end I got bored and started playing around more with random folds/bunches etc
  2. First batch waiting to be oxidized
  3. Made my son a shirt!
  4. A swaddle blanket for my new baby due in October
  5. This was a super fun project and I basically want to dye everything now. It's so easy with the indigo kit from dharma trading (and dharma trading has the best customer service I've ever experienced)
  6. @saltyblonde33 here's a screen shot from honestlywtf with instructions