Requested by @Veronique
  1. Let them grow! For a realllllly long time.
  2. Don't touch them yet! No not even that one little hair that's driving you crazy! Let it be!
  3. After a while, when you've really let them grow in, go to a trusted professional. I prefer having mine threaded. If you're in San Diego go to Dolly's beauty. They have two locations, one in hillcrest and one on black mountain road.
  4. Tell them you want to keep them as thick + natural as possible and if there are still some areas that need regrowth tell them to stay away from that area.
  5. Fill them in! I like using a small angled brush and a powder but I've also used wax, pencil, etc. experiment and find what works for you!
  6. In this photo you can see I'm letting them grow in, I do this occasionally because I think it helps clean them up and get them back to perfect shape
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  14. Sorry for the overload of pictures of my face, 😬
  15. VERY IMPORTANT: you may need to accept that your eyebrows are sisters not twins. Stop fighting it. Once I gave up on having them be the same instead of working with each one as a separate but equal entity, I was a lot happier. 😂