1. Static
    This is that baby bison from Yellowstone Park that they HAD TO EUTHANIZE because these morons put it in the back of their SUV and drove it to the Park Rangers saying it was cold and needed help. I think what those people did is what's wrong with our society. People who think they know better.. of course when the Park Rangers tried to return it, its herd disowned it.
  2. Static
    A pic of Daisy I was working on because my debit card 💳 is about to expire and I want her picture on my new one.
  3. Static
    Screenshot (or do you say screengrab? I say screenshot) I took on instagram because I think that eyebrow is hideous.
  4. Static
    this is saved on my phone because I use it for my whatsapp background. #spnforlife
  5. Static
    I took this when I was rewatching Friends on Netflix because WHY IS HE SQUATTING LIKE THAT ON NATIONAL TELEVISION. 🙈