Cataloging my slide into irrelevance. Maybe because I've been working overseas the last few years..but actually probably because I'm just not down with the kids anymore - and hey, maybe I'm ok with that
  1. Snapchat
    I still primarily associate this platform with ppl sending self-destructing sex pics, yet I keep seeing big businesses telling me to follow them on there. This confuses/alarms me.
  2. Bitcoins
  3. The Kardashians
    Somehow I've never seen an episode, which feels like an increasing rarity in today's world.
  4. Fantasy role play games
    I think I'd actually quite enjoy these but it seems unlikely anyone will now invite me to a friendly D&D game.
  5. Mad max film franchise
    ngl, this came onto my radar purely bc the yummy Tom Hardy starred in Fury Road - but apparently there's more than one of these?