1. 6 - kind of awful all around. Outside of some of the more interesting storylines of crazy intern Louis and Mos Def as brother Sam - the big bad of the season sucked. Colin Hanks just didn't do it for me. I also really disliked that Deb started to be attracted to Dex - unnecessary. Saving grace - Deb finally sees Dex kill.
  2. 8 - come on! Yet one more person is added that knows Dexter and accepts him as he is. Dr. Vogel is super boring. Bringing Hannah back seems like lazy writing. Obviously the end did not live up to the series or give closure to the characters. Saving grace - Jennifer Carpenter is great in the first few episodes. You can truly feel her hate for Dex.
  3. 7 - wasn't as thrilled about Hannah as some, but grew to like her beautiful craziness. Loved the intensity of Laguerta finally piecing together Dex as the bay harbor butcher and was absolutely floored when Deb shot her. Awesome scene and awesome end to the season.
  4. 5 - really enjoyed Julia Stiles as Lumen. I loved the big bad character of Jordan Chase - so creepy. Lumen was a great foil for Dex and he truly was able to help her. Overall was a satisfying season.
  5. 2 - ahh...what is there to say? Lila is super crazy. Sgt. Doakes is so good. Frank Lundy is fucking awesome. This is the one season when looking back that actually makes the viewer feel that Dex can get caught. Good intensity and acting throughout. Did I mention Keith Carradine as Lundy? Swoon.
  6. 4 - obviously John Lithgow is fabulous. Trinity was insanely good, Deb and Lundy getting shot is great, Quinn is an interesting side story. Rita's death was anticipated but still shocking somehow. Loved the whole season.
  7. 3 - Miguel Prado really did it for me. Loved to watch his spiral into evil after he took the first step into the dark side. Loved Deb with Anton. Loved the addition of Quinn.
  8. 1 - surprise motherfucker - but this is obviously the best! Introduction and backstory of Dexter. The suspense of the ice truck killer is real. Just good shit. Was original and awesome from the start. Got me hooked.