One of the things I was always most proud of with my Chicago sketch comedy group, Gag Reflex, was the titles we would come up with for our shows. They usually played off of then-current news stories or movies. Here are the titles of the revues we did before I moved to Austin:
  1. 1993: Jurassic Pork (or: Man, Is My Dino Sore!)
  2. 1993: The Get-Somebody-Else-To-Do-It-For-You Messiah (or: I Just Can't Handel This)
  3. 1994: Babble-On 5 (or: Star Trek — The Next Regurgitation)
  4. 1994: Tales From The Black Forrest (or: White Men Can't Gump)
  5. 1994: The Crosby Surgeries (or: Donor Know You're Riding On The Marrakesh Express)
  6. 1995: Itomania! (Or: Hey! You've Got To Hide Your Glove Away)
  7. 1995: The Do-It-Yourself Home Oil Change Kit and Messiah
  8. 1996: '96 Tears (or: It's My Sweatshop And I'll Cry If I Want To)
  9. 1996: Michael Jackson: First Contact (or: Freakish Behavior — The Next Generation)
  10. 1997: Everybody Must Get Cloned (or: It Ain't Either Of Me, Babe)
  11. 1997: Things To Do With Bob Denver When He's Dead (or: Hey, Li'l Body)
  12. 1997: Shake, Rattle and Walk (or: Your Au Pair Beats My Full House)
  13. 1998: Apollodent (or: John Glenn Garry Glenn Ross)
  14. 1999: Glass Eyes Wide Shut (or: The Summer Of Sammy Davis)