1. Eric Andre
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    The actor and Adult Swim television host delivered a high-energy set culminating in the comic stepping down to his t-shirt and shooting to the vetoed, "I'm Key and Peele. Goodnight!" early on a Sunday afternoon. Before that, he ran through a game of '90s and aughts references, to the too-young-to-really-get-it crowd's delight.
  2. Doug Benson
    Stoner comic Benson bemoaned the fact that festival organizers have him a time slot which 4:20 p.m. landed smack in the middle of. It's obvious the crowd was familiar with the comics shtick — contact and other highs abounded.
  3. Eugene Mirman
    The "Bob's Burgers" star and reliable prop comic killed with his "boner journal" and adolescent boy-voiced rants at audience members taking smart phone video.
  4. Tig Notaro
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    Notaro got great response from the audience riffing about her two-weeks-old same sex marriage, cats, and a hilariously misguided decision following a dental procedure.
  5. Todd Barry
    The crowd was a little slow to warm to the relatively soft-spoken comic (he followed the frenetic Andre) but he quickly won them over and proved why he's been going strong for 25 years.
  6. Sandbox with Rob Gagnon
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    This showcase of local comics doing anything different from their regular standup fare was terrific, with inspired turns from Martin Urbano as the Mexican Steve Martin and the unpredictable Ryan Cownie pretending to revive "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" but running out of time just as he assembled a group of volunteers. Weird, wild stuff.