I was mesmerized by the glorious red balls and spent half my grocery money
  1. Star Wars pencils
    Target $1 spot deemed these completely necessary. I don't even go to school? I should start writing notes more.
  2. A cute bubble mailer
    Post Office be damned, I want my mail to be adorable. I'm planning on using this to mail holiday goodies to my friend at school. I couldn't pass this one up.
  3. Gel Pens
    My stationery collection is rapidly growing. Did I need these three pens specifically? Hell nope. But they were metallic and they had my name all over them. And more importantly I can write my name in glitter with just enough pizzazz.
  4. Page Flags
    The artist formally known as Target Dollar Spot updates their merchandise pretty regularly and I always try to pick up each design of these super functional page flags.