Things I Do When I'm Home Alone

  1. Walk around without a bra or pants
    Sometimes it's both because I can't be bothered to get dressed
  2. Watch television in the living room
    Usually, I am a cave dweller and live in my room alone but if the tv is free, you bet your ass I'm gonna watch all my Netflix on that bad boy.
  3. Make myself a fancy ass breakfast
    Usually something more involved like pancakes and eggs like you'd get at IHOP.
  4. Think about exercising
    But not actually commit and eat a whole bag of chips instead.
  5. Take incredibly luxurious showers
    Sometimes it's a bath, but honestly it's so relaxing to just take your fucking time and get everything exfoliated and shaved just right under a hot steamy stream of water.
  6. Blast some music
    Whether it's some old school BSB or new MoBo, I am playing that shit so my neighbors can hear.
  7. Wish I lived alone
    I'm such a loner and I love peaceful days. I wish I could afford to have them all the time.