What it's like to work at a movie store in 2016

I currently manage a video rental store. Yes, those still exist and I get a lot of questions about this. So here's what it's like to have an "obsolete" job
  1. Redbox is still a thing but they ain't got anything on the true customer service experience.
    Have you ever been to one of those robots and not gotten the movie you wanted? And then you have to drive across town to another one to see if they have it? That's just inconvenient. I do my best to make sure you get a copy of the new Disney movie for your kids' sleepover. It's that above and beyond service that drives my business.
  2. It's a retail job that requires some skill
    I am consistently explaining to people that my job is about making sure you're making a good choice in entertainment. I try to watch most everything that comes through my store so you know what's worth your time. I mean, what's better than an in person review of the new Tarantino? I have stopped people from renting awful movies because they trust my judgement completely. But at the end of the day, they still leave satisfied because we've found a good fit for them.
  3. People love traditional media
    In the age of streaming services and high tech gadgets, some people just don't like fuss. They simply want to pay cash to take home a DVD and spend time with their family. We make that happen. Because you can be damn sure your grandmother does not know how to work the 3D Blu Ray player.
  4. My job is rewarding
    In the 2+ years I've been there, I've gotten to know a lot of my customers. I greet them by name and almost always know what they're in the store to get. It's that personal experience that brings people back. I have customers that even recommend titles to me when they see something cool. I love showing a friend a neat thing and seeing them light up about it the next time you see them.