Totally taken from @Nicholas. Everyone has a system; mine is a bit more anal than most and makes me sick when I think about it too much.
  1. This is my home screen. I regularly switch out my wallpaper, generally consisting of either guitars, heartagrams, guitarists, or HIM stuff. This week it is Batman since I only recently got this new iPhone 6S and lost all my photos from my 5S.
  2. The first thing I should point out is my priority apps, situated along the bottom. These are my most used apps, but as you can tell from my extensive collection of folders, on the main screen this is where the correlation between frequency of use and ease of access ends.
  3. The folder system is my favorite for a couple of reasons - but that's another list. The biggest reason I file apps into categories is due to my absolute disgust with people who keep all their apps on six different screens and have to swipe though to find Instagram. It just gives me the creep-outs like people in pajamas at the grocery store.
  4. I can't stand a full screen and have been known to combine categories into joint folders to keep an even balance of wallpaper to occupied app space. I also have an OCD-like drive to never allow any of those pesky notification numbers to pop up.
  5. Photos, The Home Depot, Mail, and Sky Guide get their own place on the home screen. These are a few other main hubs of activity, and don't really fall into my folders' intended categorization.
  6. I travel pretty often for my work, so I keep some of my frequently used travel apps in their own folder.
  7. Another important folder is my social media. I'm generally pretty crap at networking, so there's never much to check out, but I like to laugh and most of these provide a bit of comic relief.
  8. Aside from 'Games', my least frequented folder is aptly titled 'Apple Shit'. This is where I keep all the bullshit that Apple includes stock with iOS and either refuses to allow me or I am too lazy to delete. The only time I get in here is when I need to download new or manually update apps.
  9. Anyway, interesting topic to see how everyone else does it. Thanks, Nicholas!