The World Was Built for Little People

Being over six feet tall has a few prominent disadvantages.
  1. Bathroom sinks are too short.
    Seriously, 34" is dick height, meaning I have to bend over 90° to wash my face or rinse toothpaste out of my mouth.
  2. Airplane legroom is nil.
    Every time I see someone fold down the tray in front of them I feel a pang of jealousy. I inevitably end up paying the up charge for an exit row.
  3. Pants aren't long enough.
    You're lucky if you find a 34" inseam in-store, and longer lengths are always more expensive.
  4. Shoes only come in baby sizes.
    If you're over a 12 or 13 you're shit outta luck on most shoes. If you're a size 15, like me, you might as well cut your toes off now.
  5. No legroom in cars.
    Unless you want to drive a gas-guzzling, Mother Earth-choking beast of a truck/SUV or a soccer mom van you're pretty much dreaming.
  6. Shower heads are too low.
    Every day I crouch under a tiny shower head that is only up to my damn collarbone.
  7. Reaching shit for others.
    Ever go to a grocery store and not have anyone ask you to get something off the top shelf for them? Not me.