Maybe once I've finished the entire series of The X-Files and Sons of Anarchy I'll start on one of these.
  1. Eastbound & Down
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    Everyone says it's badass and Danny McBride has never disappointed me.
  2. Garth Marenghi's Darkplace
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    Heard Ville Valo mention it a long time ago and never took the time to check it out. It's only six episodes so there's no excuse.
  3. Silicon Valley
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    I started watching this on SolarMovie, but there weren't good links past episode three. Someday I'll breakdown and buy the DVDs like I did with Party Down when there weren't enough pirated streams.
  4. Kitchen Confidential
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    A lot of people forget that back in the day Bradley Cooper played a fictionalized version of @Bourdain in a tv series based on and named after the amazing book that I keep on a shelf in my kitchen. I swear, that thing is more beat up than even my Bukowski and Baudelaire.
  5. Curb Your Enthusiasm
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    Again. Because Larry David is me if I had enough money to tell everyone to fuck off.