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  1. Pressure Eli
    Eli Manning’s worst performance of the season unfolded last Monday in a loss to Philadelphia. His average pass attempt covered 4.97 yards and he threw two interceptions. Manning was under duress much of the night, facing pressure on 14 of his 42 dropbacks. Consequently, he threw only three passes that covered 20 or more yards in the air. Manning is known for his quick release, but the Cowboys can disrupt the timing of the Giants’ passing game by crashing his pocket consistently.
  2. Air it out
    Matt Cassel has the fortune of making his Cowboys debut against a woeful secondary and a weak pass rush. New York is yielding 298.5 passing yards per game and has produced only eight sacks. The Giants rank among the bottom five teams in both categories. When Cassel’s predecessor, Brandon Weeden, was directing the offense, the Cowboys played it safe. But against the Giants, they need to be more aggressive as they try to resuscitate an offense that has flat-lined without Tony Romo.
  3. Limit first down
    The Giants don’t have an offense that scares opponents. But it is efficient, having produced the ninth-most points in the NFL, and it’s fared well on first down. Only two teams have fewer yards to gain on average to move the chains in second-down situations. If the Cowboys’ defensive front can do what it did against New England — when it collected five sacks and won at the line of scrimmage — then Dallas has a better chance of bogging down a Giants offense predicated on short passes.
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Here's what's happened and what you can expect as the rain continues to pour over the D-FW area over the weekend.
  1. 1.
    We've already seen over 5 inches of rain in some spots.
    Dallas Love Field recorded 5.49 inches of rainfall early Friday evening. D/FW Airport was a little behind with 4.60 inches. (📷: Nathan Hunsinger/DMN) http://d-news.co/TMIyC
  2. 2.
    We're expecting another 2-4 inches.
    A cold front pushing through North Texas is converging with moisture from the record-breaking Hurricane Patricia, and a strong southeast wind is pumping in more Gulf moisture. Things will start to dry up Sunday at the earliest. (📷: Ashley Landis/DMN) http://d-news.co/TMIzR
  3. 3.
    Dallas police have fielded 2 dozen water rescues
    That number stretches back to midnight Thursday. Fortunately no injuries have been reported. (📷: Ashley Landis/DMN) http://d-news.co/TMIBn
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