No judgement in ListApp 🙈
  1. Desktop icons = immaculate
    and receive compliments from computer guy on it
  2. Matching suitcases, matching toiletry bags
  3. Having a GPA goal
    even though I'm already employed
  4. Notice a speck of dust --> take entire room apart to clean
    all the while fearing @justinemcgregor will get home before I'm done
  5. No random pens or pencils in the bunch
    those freebies you get when you buy a pack... Got to go
  6. Excessively doing laundry and ALWAYS separating darks from lights
  7. Nail polish or none at all
    none of that chipping
  8. Shower --> lotion entire body
    without fail
  9. Owning two sets of monogrammed JCrew PJs
    and not wearing them ironically