1. Spending time with the coolest kids on the block @alexiswulf @justinemcgregor @kate and soon enough @cabinson
  2. Attending a shoe sale at London Sole
  3. Having a Bellini on the Beach 🍹 at The Penthouse
  4. (Almost) Meeting Tuna
  5. Dining with these pretty ladies @Grosstastic
  6. Eating this scrumptious cake 😛
  7. Making a little progress with this weirdo
  8. Eating lunch at Bread Lounge
  9. Venturing down to China Town
  10. Rooftopping at the Ace Hotel
  11. Lunching at the Ivy
  12. Browsing next door
  13. Salivating over Sweet Rose
  14. Beaching it up with bae
  15. (Adding as I go 💃)