1. Anything and everything drinking-related being completely appropriate
    I'm not a big drinker but it is nice to live in a world without judgement from others in college and most importantly, no judgment on yourself and your life choices. Started drinking at 11 am? Blacked out on a Monday? Sweeeet.
  2. Living in a sorority house
    You can't knock it until you've tried it. This is about as close as girls get to running around in their underwear and having pillow fights. It's a wonderfully safe space. I never went to an all-girls school but if it's anything like this, it appears I missed out
  3. Sleeping during the day
    Coming home from class and taking a two hour "cat nap" is one of the greatest gifts of college
  4. My friends
    It's sort of like high school when you all moved away except that now it could be for life. I very easily could never live in the same city as my very best friends and this thought depresses me a bit
  5. No bills, no problems
    Very little real-world responsibility
  6. Going to a bar.... And knowing everyone
    I'm more confused if I DON'T know who you are. And yes, this could seem mundane but by the time you get to senior year, you're already feeling nostalgic and those are the people you want to be around