1. Ordering dominos at 2 am and not feeling bad about it. Ever.
  2. Pasta with pesto and Alfredo sauce.
  3. Having a gym that takes no longer than 5 minutes to walk to.
  4. Talking to Chris about nothing for hours.
  5. Only picking classes that start past 10.
  6. The friendly security guards.
  7. Doing what I want without my parents knowing where I am 24/7.
  8. My comforter (you've been good to me).
  9. Using my backpack.
  10. Dressing bummy like everyday.
  11. Having a meal plan.
    How do I cook?
  12. Being able to save money because I don't have any bills yet.
  13. Conversations before bed.
  14. Naïma.
  15. Talking to my co-dependent friends everyday.
    Because we'll probably be busy and I don't think Christian gets service in Seattle.
  16. Feeling like making friends wouldn't be hard if I just tried.
    How do people make friends outside of school?
  17. That feeling after finishing a pset.
  18. Campus covered in snow.
  19. The Tree Lighting.
  20. Koronets and HamDel.
  21. Winter break.
  22. Summer break.
  23. Fall break.
  24. All the breaks.
  25. Free shirts.
  26. Knowing that everyone who lives near by is 17-23.
  27. Alma Mater on the Hudson Shore
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