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  1. When you wake up and realize you actually have at least a few hours of sleep left before your alarm goes off
  2. Finding money in your coat and/or pants pocket
  3. Fresh cut lime takes me immediately to sunny Mexico
  4. Receiving a real "letter" in the "mailbox"
"Could" - I could do these things, with effort, and I need to love myself even if I don't.
  1. Slow the fuck down
    My responses, choices, thought process, body, communication, etc
  2. Meditate
    When I do this, great things happen
  3. Minding my own beeswax
    As in not noticing / worrying / agonizing over what so-and-so is thinking, doing, saying, getting, having
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Gratitude... Let's get it on
  1. That my husband and I finally agreed to turn the heat on
  2. My new morning alarm - Beethoven's Symphony No. 6
  3. That my cat Ted didn't puke in the middle of the night
  4. TGIF