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You should go listen to these though I think they're all rated explicit??
  1. Hamilton
    Just kill me with a SPORK I'm still emotional about Hamilton
  2. Troye Sivan's Blue Neighborhood
    Troye Sivan is my son ok so this album killed me
  3. Flumes new album
    I can't remember what it's called but it gives me good vibes tbh
It's been pretty strange when I can actually sleep and the dreams I remember are pretty entertaining
  1. It was like the Foxhole Court and Life is Strange mixed together! Andrew minyard had the ability to alter time and the dream was a large haze of cigarette smoke, danger, and gay
  2. There was an odd kingdom which looked like it was made of Legos melted together
    In this one, there was a huge robot controlled by the king's lover(I don't know his name) that destroyed the whole kingdom
  3. I also had a dream about being a shapeshifter(kind of like Mystique but could turn into animals too) and I only used to power to fix my hair and turn into dragons