I'm in my parents hometown (Lima, OH) this week, aka where all my family was born.. Except me. Also where I spent all my summers.
  1. Scenery
    Lima is like a really small hicktown. Country to say the least, but I've always loved the old look of the place.
  2. Summer camp
    I never was in Girl Scouts, but somehow ended up in summer camp there during the summers. This was the "Johnny Appleseed" site, so guess what we did.... Yea, pick apples.
  3. Where the kids hung out on Friday nights
    So sad to see Squirty Worm is closed. The kids hung out here, it's basically like a Putt Putt golf but ofcourse Lima's own version. It really wasn't that fun but the town is so small, we really made our own fun.
  4. Where I learned how to drive
    Go karting @ SW was a sport. Real live competition in the city lol learned how to drive here, well atleast how to navigate a car.
  5. Drive-thrus
    My hands down favorite feature of the Midwest. Drive thrus. Because it gets so cold, store owners have cut outs in the stores for customers to literally drive through. So cool.
  6. No, seriously... A corner store drive thru
    It's a legit store. Any & everything you need. Backwoods & all.
  7. Family restaurant
    Weird enough, my family is Jamaican & we own a restaurant........but not a Jamaican restaurant. Pic coming soon... My phone died but I'll update later.
  8. Speaking of food
    My favorite food spot back home. It's based off the tv show Happy Daz & specializes in burgers & tenderloins.. I don't eat either, so I just go for the old fashion ice cream.
  9. Visited my aunts class
    My aunt teaches at the local catholic school, so I went to check out her class. Needless to say, I'll never be a catholic school teacher.
  10. Nana's house
    Man. My favorite place on Earth. It's too much too explain, it's just that place.. Ya know?