Got 5 on the hottest releases this week; covering (songs, mixtapes, videos, magazine covers, overall news, maybe even good shit that happened to me this week... All on how I feel)
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    Drake's Hotline Bling Video
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    being so sarcastic, that was pathetic Drizzy. & I love Drake, but when it comes to videos..... I wouldn't bling your hotline either 😢☎️✨
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    Raury - Demo 1: the sea🌊
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    Easily one of my new cleaning records to play on a Sunday.
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    Ty$ Album Info (including tracklist) 🔥🔥🔥 features lit 🔥🔥🔥
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    Not to mention he dropped a random mixtape, but he officially released the tracklist & it's filled with R&B legends, including R Kelly, Jagged Edge, & Babyface!
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    Southwest Airlines Random Airfare Sale ✈️
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    Who doesn't love random trips?! I mean random trips that happens because Southwest selling flights to Atlanta & such for $49! Can't beat it. Keep an eye out on @Airfarewatchdog (they really the 🔌)
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    Discovering Altopalo
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    On soundcloud I usually listen to whatever song is stuck in my head at the moment & let the random songs play afterwards, honestly that's how I find new music. This time I ran across Chagrinning by artist, Altopalo. Can def say he's a new fave. Listen below 🎶