If I text you, this is what I'm actually saying.
  1. β€’
    "Omg" "wtf" "hahahahaha, I'm crying laughing" "nooooooo.. What is life" basically it's me crying about how shitty the news I'm telling or what I'm finding out is.
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    *my bitch face* usually an "I told you so" , "oops, I said that.. Oh well" moment. Or me being sarcastic. Or me saying, once again, "the news I'm telling you is a shitty point in my life" again, but I'm trying to speak positivity into my life & not rip my hair out. Yea.
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    "Clutch", "you really the plug", "thank God", "thank you", *I probably just dodged a bullet*.. Back in my school days: professor cancelled class, the test was the answer key I studied, I finessed a test I didn't know about.. Either way I'm not believing this is a high 5, idc.
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    "I shouldn't be doing this but fuck it.", "That could lead me to trouble." Etc Etc. "would my mom be proud? Probably not.. Let's do it"
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    Either really discussing waves (the beach), something's actually really wavy (cool), someone sending me something & idk what else to say, because they think it's cool & I really don't care "🌊"
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    "It's lit", "that's hot" ... No Paris/Nicole Simple Life, "no really, it's hot" like outside, it's hot.. Don't melt. But 9x/10.. It's lit.