Definitive Ranking of All 30 MLB Ballparks

Opinionated and just for fun, feel free to leave any comments
  1. 30.
    O.Co Coliseum (Athletics)
    It's hard to choose your least favorite anything, but my least favorite stadium is O.Co Coliseum. It always seems like the stands are empty, and nothing really stands out about the stadium.
  2. 29.
    Tropicana Field (Rays)
    The dimensions and seating are middle-of-the-road, but I have a thing against domed stadiums. Don't hate it, but definitely don't like it.
  3. 28.
    Comerica Park (Tigers)
    Again nothing really stands out, decent backdrop of downtown Detroit but it isn't really a sight to see.
  4. 27.
    Progressive Field (Indians)
    Again, a mediocre stadium with a backdrop of a city that doesn't have a great skyline.
  5. 26.
    U.S. Cellular Field (White Sox)
    The scoreboard is pretty cool, but it also appears to be so enclosed, which is disconcerting.
  6. 25.
    Target Field (Twins)
    Another bland AL Central stadium. Overall, I think NL stadiums are better than the AL ones, though there are some great AL stadiums.
  7. 24.
    Turner Field (Braves)
    Incidentally, here's the first NL stadium. To make it seem more exciting, I picked a picture with a beautiful sunset. Luckily the Braves are moving next year.
  8. 23.
    Safeco Field (Mariners)
    The one stadium where a dome makes sense given Seattle's climate, there's a retractable roof. Halfway there. Maybe Safeco wants Seattle residents to see the outside world?
  9. 22.
    Citizens Bank Park (Phillies)
    Nothing too special about the stadium, other than that its located within a block of Philadelphia's basketball and football stadiums, and they all share a parking lot. Have fun!
  10. 21.
    Nationals Park (Nationals)
    I still thought the Nationals played at RFK Stadium, that's how boring this place is.
  11. 20.
    Miller Park (Brewers)
    This is where it starts to get tough. I love slides, but the all-glass backdrop seems distracting. Maybe that's why the Brewers offense struggles year in and year out....
  12. 19.
    Rogers Centre (Blue Jays)
    Would be higher if it wasn't a turf field. Or if it didn't have a retractable roof. Other than that, great stadium.
  13. 18.
    Coors Field (Rockies)
    Other than the altitude and lack of single-run games, nothing stands out about this place.
  14. 17.
    Camden Yards (Orioles)
    The warehouse in right field is cool, but that's really it. You know it's mediocre when your main appeal is a defunct warehouse.
  15. 16.
    Chase Field (Diamondbacks)
    Another retractable roof that detracts from an otherwise fantastic stadium. You're in the desert, why do you need a roof?
  16. 15.
    Globe Life Park (Rangers)
    This park's backdrop is a corner of a parking garage. Other than that it's a pretty nice stadium.
  17. 14.
    Kauffman Stadium (Royals)
    The scoreboard is in the shape of the Royals' logo which is cool. It also has some waterfalls, also cool.
  18. 13.
    Minute Maid Park (Astros)
    Some train tracks, a huge wall thingy, and a hill in center field. There's a lot going on, and a lot to like.
  19. 12.
    Marlins Park (Marlins)
    If you disregard the wall color and retractable roof, you have a top 10 stadium with a hideous statue.
  20. 11.
    Great American Ballpark (Reds)
    This stadium is often overlooked, but it's a hidden gem. Right on the river with a view, great place to play baseball.
  21. 10.
    Busch Stadium (Cardinals)
    Kicking off the top ten, there's nothing not to like about Busch Stadium. Awesome view of the Gateway Arch.
  22. 9.
    Angel Stadium of Anaheim (Angels)
    The rocks in left center field are so unique to the Angels it really sets this stadium apart.
  23. 8.
    AT&T Park (Giants)
    Some huge statues in left, a huge wall and river in right, great view. One of the premier parks in the MLB.
  24. 7.
    Citi Field (Mets)
    Well here comes the bias. I was born and raised a Mets fan, so I'm most familiar with this stadium. Not a bad seat in the house, and all you can hear is airplanes.
  25. 6.
    Yankee Stadium (Yankees)
    As a stadium nothing stands out, but something about the history makes this place so revered that it has to be high up in the rankings.
  26. 5.
    PNC Park (Pirates)
    The best view of any ballpark period. With the bridge and the growing Pittsburgh skyline, beautiful sight to see.
  27. 4.
    Petco Park (Padres)
    Probably the most underrated stadium, this place is amazing. Located right in downtown San Diego, there's a hotel in left and open space in right, best food of any stadium as well.
  28. 3.
    Dodger Stadium (Dodgers)
    Another amazing place to play baseball. History, mixed with amazing backdrop and temperature, makes this a top tier stadium.
  29. 2.
    Fenway Park (Red Sox)
    Any place that stands for over 100 years has my vote. From the Pesky Pole, to the nook in center, to the Green Monster, wacky dimensions and sizes makes this place a gem.
  30. 1.
    Wrigley Field (Cubs)
    No question. Another stadium thats been standing for around a century, also with its own quirk in the ivy. Hands down the best stadium in the MLB, housing the best team as well.