You can always tell the people that go to coffee places regularly, and those who have no clue about what anything is. I am the one who has no clue. This is what ordering coffee is like for me.
  1. Start by standing in line and looking at the menu.
  2. Thinking "what didn't have last time". That was good.
  3. Maybe I will try something new today
  4. Realize you have no idea what anything is in the menu besides hot chocolate
  5. I am getting close to having to order, I better decide.
  6. Try listening to what the people ahead of me are ordering and if it sounds good.
  7. CRAP!!! I'M NEXT!!! (Starts panicking)
  8. Maybe I'll get....
  9. "Can I help you?"
  10. CRAP!!!!!!
  11. Orders the same thing as last time.