Bb Gun Drinking Game

for those of you with bb guns. (know your audience ??) a great way to improve your sharp shooting
  1. you will need
  2. BBs
    i have 2400 but less will do
  3. gun
    of the bb variety
  4. beer
    a mix of coors and pbr is cost effective
  5. setup
    an outdoor space where you can shoot freely and five cans spaced evenly. beer of your choice. could also be soda cans, these aren't for consumption.
  6. rules (as follows)
    each player gets to take five shots at the cans. players must hit at least 3/5 cans in order to avoid chugging a beer. 2/5 = chug one beer. 1/5 = chug two beers. 0/5 = chug three beers, bitch. repeat as desired.
  7. a good attitude
    bb gun shooting is not for poor sports
  8. willingness to imbibe
    if you want to smoke (drink), let's smoke (drink). if you want to joke, get the hell out.
  9. keys/a knife
    for shotgunning. is it really chugging if it's not a shotgun?