but I'm not a hater you guys. my favorite "so bad they're good" movies
  1. Yentl
    Barbara Streissand undercover as a young Jewish boy singing awesome songs like "Papa Can You Hear Me?" sign me up! My mom and I watch this all the time and laugh and laugh. 10 stars.
  2. Getting There: Sweet 16 and Licensed to Drive
    best/worst mk/a olsen movie hands down. when your twins turn 16 a good thing to do is buy them a red convertible to share and let them road trip to the 2002 SLC Winter Olympics (bc they love sports) with their friends "Lyndi" and "Toast". they will get said convertible stolen immediately but it's okay bc they will then meet an heiress who has a plane and sick Olympic Village accommodations. a great teen adventure flick that all teens will relate to.
  3. She's Too Young
    what happens when every fourteen year old in a middle class Chicago suburb gets syphilis and Marcia Gay Harden is helicopter parent extrodinaire and the soundtrack features only Yo Yo Ma and one weird rap song called "Take it Off" and the movie premieres on the lifetime network? find out! not to be missed.
  4. The Man with the Iron Fists
    RZA just living his truth. An A+ Tarantino collaboration. who speaks English? who speaks Chinese? who speaks English w a Chinese accent? how does RZA manage to thrive as a weapons forger in rural China? what time period is this set in? what is going on? WHO CARES! this movie will leave you very confused, but hopefully satisfied.
  5. Savages
    Blake Lively engages in a cool threesome while an acoustic version of "psycho killer" plays in the background and says things like "Chaun has orgasms. Ben has wargasms." Salma Hayek rips off her wig in the middle of a Mexican desert drug deal gone wrong. Aaron Johnson explains his weed growing science techniques while stroking his overgrown beard. this movie is bomb.
  6. Fab Five: The Texas Cheerleader Scandal
    starring fave tinygirl ashley benson
    Suggested by @audrey