never ever ever
  1. boys who say "im just teasing you" after teasing you
    like yeah. i know you're just teasing me.
  2. boys who have their watch set to military time but are not in the military and do not live in a country where 24 hour time is standard
    occasionally you will mistake 18:00 for 8 o'clock and you will be late for our dinner plans. this will happen more than once
  3. Boys who are mean to waiters
    Like, they work so hard! Be nice.
    Suggested by @corey
  4. boys who bring homemade kombucha to class in a nalgene
    complete with chia seeds and two slices of green apple
  5. boys who wear basketball shorts when they are not playing basketball
    i don't even really mind how this looks, i just know we will probably never, you know, vibe