i'm older now and also wiser
  1. Will K.
    we met in kindergarten, i loved him immediately. in 9th grade he blocked me on facebook. in 11th grade I hacked into his facebook and unblocked myself. i still own the email address iluvwillk@gmail.com (made in 6th grade as a "joke") (business inquiries only)
  2. Cobi E.
    he's currently dating a model who does print ads. mostly regional but im pretty sure i saw her on the Kohl's website one time. he neglected to give me a Valentine's Day card in 3rd grade. It was mandatory. I was the only person he "forgot".
  3. Ethan C.
    in eighth grade he sent me scantily clad iMovie videos of himself humping stuffed animals. I realize now this would qualify as child pornography.
  4. Ty M.
    he lives in a mobile home in mountain view and really loves it. "check out this fake wood paneling it's so 70s." the last time we hung out he bought me a pork bun and then tried to coerce me into driving him to his friend's pot farm in Mendocino county by offering me "A couple O(s)" (of weed).
  5. Mason H.
    Who didn't have a crush on Mason H. at one point in time or another? Really great "skater" blonde hair in middle school/early high school. Dana impersonated him and texted innocent and adorable Kirby G. for over a year as Mason H. (biggest catfishing venture before it was called catfishing... At the time it probably would have been referred to as a far less sinister episode of Dateline)
    Suggested by @Rose
  6. Ethan B
    The cutest of them all.
    Suggested by @corey