1. Santa Monica
    flagship store, best selection, prettiest employees & now there's a 50% off sample store right behind it + Santa Monica parking can't be beat
  2. Walnut Creek
    massive, definitely best Bay Area brandy
  3. Westwood
    small but good selection, always find good stuff but loses major points for only having two dressing rooms
  4. Westfield Valley Fair (San Jose, CA)
    pretty good selection but the communal dressing room mirror is tilted in a weird unflattering way
  5. Vancouver
    good sweater selection
  6. Topanga
    a lot of stuff but 4/5 scientists agree that it vibes weird
  7. Marina (SF)
    small store, okay selection, mean employees, terrible parking
  8. Palo Alto
    just opened, terrible selection everyone who works here is 15, everyone who shops here is 10
  9. Newport Beach
    good selection but i hate this place
  10. SoHo
    too crowded
  11. Studio City
    worst Brandy worst selection 0 stars