i haven't read infinite jest, but i have read Artemis Fowl. these are my top "girly" YA fiction picks. "boy-y" to come.
  1. The It Girl
    a gossip girl spin off featuring "little" jenny humphrey off on a new adventure at the fancy boarding school "waverly". what is an "it girl", you ask? the girl who has the best clothes and the best boys, obviously! lots of hotter than they should be teen hook ups, excessive alcohol consumption and SO much girl drama. ranked higher than gossip girl bc there is less cig smoking (gross) and the male characters are infinitely more desirable.
  2. Gossip Girl
    the ULTIMATE millennial teen drama. this series combines the hip technology of "the blog" with wealthy beyond belief UES Manhattan 17 year olds just trying to find love and have fun. these teens are so interesting that an anonymous online presence "gossip girl" tracks their every move on gossipgirl.com (and we love them for it). lots of sex, lots of trust funds, and lots of gallouise smoking
  3. The Clique
    rich af westchester 12 year olds who attend a fancy private school called "OCD" and call themselves "the pretty committee". they are headed by none other than self proclaimed "alpha" Massie Block, #1 Bitch. designer name dropping beyond belief, if you wanted to know what was cool in 2005, here's your bible
  4. The Boyfriend List (Ruby Oliver)
    (by e. Lockhart, my favorite YA author) this series features likable, down to earth (she lives on a house boat in Seattle and attends private school on scholarship), 10th grader Ruby, who, like most 10th grade girls, loves boys. Ruby undergoes a lot of unnecessary slut shaming, and throughout the course of her high school experience endures a lot of girl hate from her supposed "friends". very funny and poignant, "The Boyfriend List" series is one I still enjoy re-reading from time to time.
  5. Sweet Valley Twins
    fantastic late 80s YA fiction. a lot of references to suede, fringe, and the color lavender. jessica and elizabeth wakefield are the two cutest, most desirable 6th graders in sweet valley. (THE sweet valley twins). jessica is popular, (a member of the middle school's top clique, "the unicorns"), while elizabeth is studious (she gets good grades and follows rules). these books are full of subtle lessons on not only being a good friend, but also being a good person.