i didn't just catch a worm, i also caught a good attitude!
  1. i woke up early in a great mood
  2. i didn't smoke weed to fall back asleep
    carpe diem, baby!
  3. i had time to read some *sick* Atlantic articles
    Netanyahu, mental health of Yale students, Koch brothers and social justice
  4. i had time to finish Freedom (by Jonathan Franzen, have you heard of it)
    recommended to me by Oprah Winfrey
  5. i had time to leisurely enjoy a bowl of honey bunches of oats
    not only was this cereal on sale ($1. regular sized, not family), but it also happens to be my FAVORITE
  6. i had time to watch last week's Pretty Little Liars
    really stoked for tonight's ep. only two more weeks until BIG A is revealed, guys!
  7. i had/have TIME (in general)
    !! it's of the essence. not even 9 AM and I've got the whole day ahead of me