don't have pics for a lot of these, you'll have to take me on my word.
  1. my mexican housekeeper
    "I was home for forty minutes before I realized the person vacuuming wasn't Dana!" - my dad
  2. my mexican gardener's daughter
    "you guys could be twins" - my dad
  3. my mexican gardener's son
    "you guys could be fraternal twins" - my dad
  4. ugly betty
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    not america ferrera, ugly betty
  5. imelda marcos
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    the "steel butterfly" former first woman of the Philippines. the woman with a lot of shoes
  6. transgendered filipina woman whose murder was recently covered by vice news
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    @audrey showed me this and said "i laughed really hard when i opened this article. you look just like her"
  7. myself
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    here's a pic of me for reference. im half filipina half white (my dad), but I'm often told I look "really mexican"
  8. Selena Gomez
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    Suggested by @audrey
  9. Vanessa Hudgens
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    I don't think you look like her at all and am only suggesting this because you think you look like her. "When I get a nose job and lose 20 pounds, Vanessa Hudgens is going to be fucking out of work as shit" - you
    Suggested by @audrey
  10. Skylar Storm
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    Watching Star vs. the Forces of Evil on Disney Channel with the kid I babysit while reading this list AND IT LOOKS JUST LIKE YOU
    Suggested by @rebecca