Selected Items From the Desk of @audrey

"filth" - ezra pound
  1. a copy of the communist manifesto atop at least 20 unread copies of the New Yorker
    hand to god I did not stage this photo
  2. a bottle of carlsburg
  3. red velvet cocoa mix from cost plus
    you got this for your birthday (November 9th). it is still untouched and right where you left it (on November 9th)
  4. a bottle of vitamin B-6
    I will give you five dollars if you can tell me what vitamin B-6 does for you beyond the "metabolism support" touted by the bottle
  5. sephora favorites perfume sampler
    a Christmas present. unopened. when I told you it was a "really good gift" you said "yeah it's cool im just too lazy to try a bunch of different scents right now"