these are my top 5.
  1. /r/polyamory
    this subreddit has caused me so much undue stress. if polyamory goes mainstream and i have to start identifying as a "monog" idk what ill do. but really interesting for sure and who am i to dissuade people from learning about alternative lifestyles
  2. /r/letsnotmeet
    creepy encounters. true stories of near misses with potential serial killers/rapists. recommended for fans of svu.
  3. /r/fakeid
    #1 fake id resource. obtaining alcohol underage has never been easier. a surprising amount of drama on this subreddit. lots of REALLY COOL 16 year olds just trying to imbibe
  4. /r/relationships
    all kinds of relationships. romantic and not. VERY interesting
  5. /r/nosleep
    horror stories. generally fiction.