1. chocolate cake that is "too rich"
  2. Bristol Palin's most recent article for patheos.com "Awkward: The President Asks a Cashier if He's Gay"
  3. bad internet connection while trying to stream the bachelor finale
    still havent seen "after the final rose"
  4. feeling fat
  5. any minimum wage job
  6. a job where the wage is not the minimum but is still pretty low
  7. the huffington post
  8. not having any clean underwear
  9. going up to someone in the library and saying "how are you" in a way that makes it sound like they have cancer when really they just have midterms
  10. When a university charges students $2500 to eat shit trash cardboard for every meal
    Suggested by @corey
  11. corruption in student government
    Suggested by @audrey