Gia Coppola's Palo Alto
  1. dgafing about James Franco
    James Franco is probably the most prominent alum of Palo Alto high school and he's on campus a lot. Act like you don't care to be cool
  2. streaking
    streak week at Palo Alto high school has 40 year long history. last month of school administrators drive around in golf carts equipped with lots of towels "trying" to catch streakers (not really trying bc catching naked teens is so awk)
  3. driving a Tesla model T
    electric cars so cool
  4. RTing the Palo Alto police department @papd
    Palo Alto police department has a bomb Twitter. Friday night live tweeting "ride alongs" and campaigning for the tesla model s to be their new squad car
  5. using your hyphenated last name to give yourself a three initial nickname
    example Caitlin Duff-Brown is CDB and Maria Paula-Coronado IS MPC (names have been changed to protect the innocent)
  6. stealing drugs from "rich" woodside/atherton kids' parties
    "fuck those rich kids leaving their weed out"
  7. getting into Stanford
    once a Palo Alto resident, always a Palo Alto resident