thank god for white guilt!
  1. Olivia Evans - Boyhood
    remember when patricia arquette tells her mexican construction worker that he is "really smart" and "should go to college" upon him demonstrating competence during her remodel? well, he takes her comment to heart and he goes on to get his bachelors degree! and wait what!? now he's MANAGING the restaurant she and her ungrateful children are eating lunch at! he would be nowhere without that presumptuous, off the cuff remark she made five years prior.
  2. Leigh Anne Tuohy - The Blind Side
    sandra bullock not only buys "big mike" clothes that fit him and gives him his first "real bed", but she recognizes his potential to be one of college football's greatest offensive linemen on account of his being in the "98th percentile for protective instincts" (as determined by a career aptitude test.) she sacrifices a lot to help big mike succeed; namely she is forced to cut ties with some of her bitchy friends who aren't supportive of her "project from the projects"
  3. Erin Gruwell - Freedom Writers
    hilary swank takes on a second job solely to finance fun field trips that she realizes her class of inner city teens is in dire need of. she breaks through their hard exteriors and changes their lives by 1) getting the woman who helped house anne frank during the holocaust to come speak in class, 2) taking them out to a fancy dinner, 3) showing them how to journal, and mostly, 4) just believing in them.