we all have our ups and downs in life. my escape has always been tv (hint, hint I was oven the moon when netflix first came out). These shows gave me prospective when lost and made me laugh when sad.
  1. Smallville
    Might be the superhero fan in me, but this show was about growing up different and knowing one day everything will turn out ok if you keep the faith.
  2. Charmed
    Growing up with sisters is a blessing in so many ways, so when you have to live with the loss of the one that was closest to you finding some to relate make you vulnerable. Something I was not will to do with anything other than fictional characters. Loosing Prue was something I might have identified with and dealing with that loose was just a little bit easier
  3. How I met your mother
    Growing up in very traditional settings in a sence, this show showed me a side of dating that I could experience first hand at the time. Finding the one is such an amazing experience and even though I like many don't agree with the ending I did appreciate the journey
  4. House
    It was a show we all enjoyed as a family (that wasn't a crime show that is) my dad didn't like us watching "grown up tv" but house was the exception, I don't know if he hoped one of us would turn out a doctor but it was nice to site down and just be together over something that was not food or an argument
  5. Parks and Recreation
    This show made me close to a sibling I had never really spent time with. Trying to find common ground was very hard but this show made us laugh together cry together and get excited to be in each others lives again.
  6. Yu-Gi-Oh!
    This list would know be complete with out my childhood favorite show and occasional imaginary friend. I had conversation with the character got mad at them strategized with them I collected the cards played the game was one of the most memorable experience of my childhood. Whenever I catch an episode these days it still makes me smile. And that am grateful for.