the first walk after deciding I will not live like this anymore! (350 lbs. is not living anyway)
  1. I can barely tie these shoes. How long has it really been.... ( Its painful to bend this far. even more painful to admit this)
  2. Okay, so this isn't so bad. (Leaving the house)
  3. I'll go to the hwy and back. Totally doable! (At the end of the drive way)
  4. It's hard to back...oh my back.
    (bottom of the hill)
  5. My brain is saying "you can do this!" My body is saying "you are going to die" ( To the first fence)
  6. My back is aching. so much pain. How could I eat myself into this mess. (Another house length)
  7. Pain pain pain. I'm not going to make it to the hwy, I can make it to that tree though. ( I'm about halfway to the hwy )
  8. Push push...just a few more steps, shooting pain with each one.
    (at the tree)
  9. Breathe just breathe. You just have to make it back home. You can do this.
    ( turning around and headed back.)
  10. Ahhhhh.....I feel like I'm ripping my back open. It can't handle this weight.
    ( at the fence again)
  11. Sweat. Trickling down my scalp. Neck pain, back and knees... I have to stop.
    (sitting in the middle of the side walk)
  12. Ok I can breathe again. A slight break from the pain. Get up. Get up Get up.
    (at the bottom of the hill)
  13. This is impossible...the pain immediately returns upon standing. Id cry, but I need the energy.
    (Slow walk up the hill)
  14. Here. I'm that's a lot of sweat.
    ( end of drive)
  15. Power walk through the pain to the front door. literally yelling as I go.
    ( the dogs are watching, at least they don't have cell phones with cameras)
  16. Done. It's over. Water. Let's check fit bit to see how far it was. 1,890 steps
    ( wow...that's terrible...)