My friend broke her ankle and I'm bored at the hospital... Here are the people we have interacted with. Someone write a play about them.
  1. Check-In Nurse
    Loves the Australian Bachelorette.
  2. RN #1
    I didn't catch his name so let's call him Adam. Told me I was doing a good job taking care of my friend and told me where the water fountain was and comes back to check on us periodically. My favorite. Slight gay vibe? If not would not say no to his number should he feel inclined to give it to me but our interactions have not been that flirty so far.
  3. RN #2
    Did not catch his name either. Looks like a Ryan? Noticed my friend was cold and brought her blankets. V. cute and told us it was cold outside in a slight Boston accent.
  4. Christian
    First doctor we saw. Told us his name was Christian when we asked him what's the plan, Stan? Jokes with us and is nice. Looks kind of how I always imagined Famine from Good Omens but in a good way.
  5. Patrick
    Orthopedic doctor. NOT nice! Poked at my friend's ankle which is BROKEN and he knew it!!!! Does not think we are funny when we clearly are. Just the worst.
  6. Man in Bed On Our Left
    Has some sort of wound that stuff like blood and pus comes out of?????? Cleaned it out with peroxide????!! Which his doctor told him repeatedly not to do again. Walks around with jeans, no shirt, and a hospital gown. Seems as bored as I am.
  7. Woman in Bed On Our Right
    Is involved with some serious drama with her neighbor who apparently called the hospital pretending to be her sister in law and told lies about her? I think. Has pink eye.
  8. Free Wi-Fi
    The true hero of this story.