Comes out of nowhere every time.
  1. Re: Mad Men: "I've forgotten things you haven't even seen yet!"
    Just because I got a couple seasons behind doesn't negate the fact that I introduced you to the whole show, MOM!!!
  2. Fb comment on a picture of me: "Great picture but your eyes look tired."
    As opposed to the rest of me which looks wide awake??? This one is confusing. And rude to put on social media tbh.
  3. "It's not my fault she can't keep up!"
    Said in reference to my Aunt Mary not me so actually I find this one pretty funny.
  4. Re: Thanksgiving: "No daughter of mine is going to eat cranberry relish from a can !"
    This one I fully appreciate. Sent via text hence the space before the exclamation point.
  5. Re: my love life: "I think you're spending too much time around test tubes and not enough time around people!"
    I don't even use that many test tubes.
  6. Text: "We are like zombies after 15 hours of driving but nbd"
    Like OKAY mom lmao