I am just too lazy to write them myself.
  1. Why Is Target So Addictive?
    Despite the fact that no one item costs over twenty bucks, trips to the superstore regularly cash out at over $100. This article written by someone other than me explains in depth how Target created a store where it is literally impossible to come out with only the items you came in for and nothing else.
  2. No One Really Has It Together
    This super reassuring article exposes the truth of what we’re all thinking: that no one really has it together and everyone hates adulthood. The central premise is that it’s okay to not have your life fully planned out, or be behind at work, or eat sandwiches for dinner some nights because you hate cooking and/or forgot to go to the grocery store, especially if you’re a Ph.D. student named Dana. Would love to just read this and also get the word out there.
  3. Common Scientific Inaccuracies in Cinema
    We all know that the science in movies is utter garbage. In this article someone (not me) does the research and finds out the most common scientific myths in movies and instead of pedantically correcting them, investigates them from a critical point of view in terms of how they serve the creator’s intentions. What a fresh take!
  4. Why Are We, As A Society, Not Talking More About The People Who Get Trampled To Death Every Year On Black Friday And What Does it Say About Our Consumer Culture?
    Just need someone else to acknowledge how UTTERLY INSANE it is that this happens??????