1. Washing dirty laundry
    Because ugh.
  2. Folding last week's clean laundry
    At least it's clean
  3. Putting away clean dishes out of the dishwasher
    It's the husband's job to do dishes and I'm sort of waiting to see how long it takes him to do it before I remind (read: NAG) him.
  4. Placing dirty dishes into the then empty dishwasher
  5. Trimming my dog's nails
    She hates it and she's napping so why interrupt that wonderfully blissful snoring?!
  6. Feeding my husband
    He's grumpy and an adult. He can make his own food but he won't until he's so hungry his brain stops working. I have no idea how he survived 28 years without me.
  7. Help troubleshoot the 3D printer my husband is working on.
    He's really making it way too complicated but I don't have the heart (or drive) to correct him.
  8. Answer an email from one of my pen-pals.
    It would take only a couple of seconds but ugh...words. thoughtful words. Is pen-pals even a hyphenated word? Ugh.. I'll look it up later.
  9. Telling my family some really big news.
    They're so goddamn dramatic.
  10. Vacuuming
    Thanks auto-correct for hooking me up with that word.
  11. Washing my hair
    I wear it up all the time... sometimes I forget how long I go between washes.
  12. Doing anything work related.
    Like at all. Ever again. I cannot WAIT for my DD214 to drop. I'm going to frame it.