1. I started a new job in a field I've never even thought about working in.
    It's a really great opportunity that was kinda tossed in my lap. I am extremely grateful, and scared shitless.
  2. I had to take my daughter with me for a couple of hours.
    This happened so suddenly, and I'm still getting daycare lined up. (Also, feeling some major guilt about putting her in daycare.)
  3. About 10 minutes into training, while she is happily watching Doc McStuffins, she projectile vomits all over the place.
    Donut holes and Honey Nut Cheerios.
  4. My husband has my car while his truck is in the shop.
    We had to walk home covered in vomit.
  5. Swallowed my pride and marched back into the office.
    I changed my dress, and gave myself a solid pep talk first.
  6. Baby Girl is feeling better.
    And my first day is over.